Castle Hotel and Spa aka Tarrytown Castle on the Hudson wedding

Castle Hotel and Spa aka Tarrytown Castle on the Hudson wedding ….

Call it the Castle on the Hudson, the Tarrytown Castle, the Castle Hotel and Spa, whatever you want. I thought I’d post an August wedding from when the weather was good, the sun was warm and the snow wasn’t …… slushy and black. It really takes me back to a happy place. This was one of the most unique and special weddings I’ve had the honor to photograph. As usual, I came to know the couple and this deepened my appreciation for the pictures and the day.

The bride is Japanese, and she wore both a white dress and her most special kimono from her childhood. The groom, kind gentle, and dapper in both of his wardrobe changes. They beat the drum, and the lovely bridesmaids as well as friends, all wore the bride’s favorite color. You guessed it, yellow. I took a lot of pictures of guests. I always do this because to me, friends and family are part of the celebration. They are so much of what makes the day special.

This time, however, I had other motives. I was fascinated and awed by the style of the guests. Not only were the hues of yellows vast, but the fabrics upon which these yellow hues laid ranged from delicate to sublime. The wedding accessories chosen were small gems, pearls, sinewy chains, intricate hair pieces and more. The shoes, stylish and chic. From a styling point of view, this wedding is next to none.Even the nailpolish was yellow. And often sparkly. Everything was so so sparkly.

They even used real cameras, and not so much phones. Not that I have anything against phone photography. In fact, I love it. Often, brides tell guests to put away their phones. I’m not sure if it’s for them or to give me more space. If it’s for them, then no problem. But if it’s for me, no problem. I’ll knock anyone over to get the picture I want. : ) But often, there’s someone in a different spot, and they’re an expert iPhone photographer, and they got that moment just perfectly. I am thrilled when that happens!