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The Lighthouse Pier 60

The Lighthouse Pier 60 New York, NY.

Admonsters¬†Loves Ops Do I have any idea what that means? Not really. Ad Ops are described on their site as, “Digital or online advertising is a subset of the advertising industry that references electronic communication promotions and marketing. This can include but is not limited to website display advertising (banner ads or rich media advertising), text advertising, search advertising (paid search results), online video advertising, mobile and device advertising (sms, wap display ads, video, application ads), email display ads and text advertising. These advertisements are a forum of revenue generation for content providers.” As a business person in an extremely competitive industry, I should be paying attention. This area of business is something I should be paying special attention to. In fact, I should be attending these conferences. But, as an artist, my eyes glaze over, sadly.

I recommend anyone who wants to network and learn, to sign up for these Ops events.

I just know that I photographed a great event for Admonsters , an Ops gathering, at The Lighthouse, Pier 60, a goregeous waterfront venue in New York. The food was amazing. Fresh carrot juice, green juices, raw vegetables, all healthy stuff. Day turned to evening and the pictures reflected this lovely change.