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Brand Storytelling at ITAC

When I began taking photoraphs, I didn’t know what I was doing was called Brand Storytelling. In fact, I don’t even know if the terms existed. Branding, yes, but Brand Storytelling? Not so much. I realize that in many cases, when I attend and photograph theater performance, and go backstage, and photograph the actors and details that’s Brand Storytelling. When I go into a store, and highlight the product and the ideas behind the product. That’s a story. How does it differ from journalism? Brand Storytelling strengthens the brand, necessarily. The objective of journalism is to expose or iluminate a variety of things, and it’s not neccessarily the Brand Identity of a company or institution.

When I shoot a wedding, I think of it as Storytelling, plain and simple. And it’s more like a fairy tale. Here, I was invited to photograph an organization called ITAC, in the heart of the financial District in NYC. It’s mission is to “To strengthen the economy of New York City by improving the performance of small to mid-size firms that create or produce technical and manufactured products.” No small task!

My favorite part of the office, obviously, was the view from the 11th floor.