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Gorgeous wedding flowers by Floresta!

Sometimes, flowers at weddings are so gorgeous, they deserve special attention, and these flowers by Foresta are such flowers. Justin and Dan’s wedding was located at the LIC bar, in Lonf Island City, Queens, NYC. LIC is a neighborhood that offers a beautiful view of Midtown Manhattan. The 59th Street Bridge reaches from Long Island City to Midtown, bordering on the Upper East Side.  LIC bar is a small, relaxed bar located in the heart of Long Island City. The whole neighborhood feels mellow, and unique to other districts in New York. It almost has a Jersey City vibe. The bar has a lovely back patio area, with a view of a willow tree, brick walls. Overall, a very cozy space. Justin and Dan had the libations flowing, and casual, fun fare. Their DJ played to their preferences, and ended the set with “Thank you for being a friend” The Golden Girls theme song. It was a heartwarming, arm in arm singalong.

From the boutonnieres to the tables, each arrangement had an amazing soft color scheme. These were just perfect: wildflowery, rosey, modest and flaunty at the same time. These were gentle blue hues, soft yellows, misty greens, and, well, just look at the photos. Blue mason jars worked perfectly. Thanks so much, Floresta.