flower halo at a lake wedding, my best work ever?

The Flower halo has been a constant for flower girls, but only in the past few years have they become more and more common among brides. I think it’s wonderful for many reasons: first, because the brides I know tend to enjoy pictures without the bouquet. The bouquet will never go out of style and one can never have enough flowers in my humble opinion. But sometimes a bride just wants to feel flowery without holding onto the bouquet, which,  if you haven’t held one, is heavy and relatively delicate.

I dressed up as a bride recently and wandered downtown during this past weekend’s sidewalk sales. Forget Me Not Florist was amazing in their quick response to create a halo for me. (Rebecca the owner is so generous. Call her for anything you need relating to flowers.) Anyway, I absolutely loved wearing it, felt like a princess all day.  And it legitimized my outfit as “bride.”

The halo you see below is wonderful, large and colorful. Perfect for this bride.

This lake wedding was so lovely. It was a rainy day, and the lake was mostly calm. It was set on a slope, a small lawn, with rented tables and chairs and small tents and umbrellas here and there. For some reason, I felt like I was in Florida or something. This was partially due to the plush, green environment. Flowers everywhere. Colors abound. While editing, I found myself loving a large proportion of the images. I was only there for 4-5 hours. At the end, I marked over 200 as my picks. If I go by this parameter, it would be my best work ever. It was located in Holland, MA, on the border of MA and CT. On the Hamilton Reservoir.

Some of the guests were enthusiastic about Rainbow Gatherings, which is something I only knew about through my friend and former housemate in San Francisco, Diamond Dave. He’s counter culture, and supported peace and community. While we were housemates, I was impressed with his activities with Food not Bombs.

Dave may have been to a Rainbow Gathering or two, but when I lived with him, he was far from the edges of National Parks. He was deep in the community, promoting urban gatherings and justice (in a peaceful optimistic way) around San Francisco. I used to loan him my bicycle, on the condition that he wore my helmet. He didn’t like that. But he agreed. Once, I saw him riding up our alley street (Heron Street, SF) and he had my helmet on, unattached and wobbling around on top of his head.

Dave and I also collaborated a bit. He held poetry events at the SF public library called On the Page, Off the Page. I loved taking pictures. Since 2005 he’s been holding poetry events at the SF City Hall called Poems Under the Dome.

What a guy.

Anyway, back to this wedding. I’m not usually a lake person, unless the lake is the size of lake Michigan. But this lake, this lake wedding, was extraordinary. I hope you like the photos as much as I do.

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