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Baby Christening

Baby Christening, Long Island, NY.

My event work isn’t always weddings. A few weeks ago, I was photographing the Christening of a little boy names Konstantinos. This took place at the beautiful St. Paraskevi Greek Orthodox Church in Greenlawn, NY. The reception was at the Larkfield Manor in East Northport, NY.

The most beautiful thing about events like these are the strong ties to tradition, the connection to family, and the positive feelings throughout the day and night. Happy vibes, happy family, happy friends. Konstantinos was showered with love and welcomed into Christian life by his Godmother, Victoria. Everyone felt the special celebration.

I work hard, and my job is not leisure, but it is attached to our essential human emotions. This makes it mean so much to me.

are you ready for the future? try film photography

My film camera is up and running again after a brief repair hiatus. I have to check myself when I run away with the convenience and clarity of digital photography, which I like to call pixel phtography. At first, it was horrible. Especially the separation of pixels with color, but now, it’s wonderful, so if you love pixel photography go crazy. But my film camera is where my heart lies. Film is wonky and imperfect, the grain is sometimes dramatic. Why spend hours in photoshop trying to achieve the effect of film grain when you can simply get the real thing by dusting off your old cameras and having fun? Photography was never broken. In fact, it was better. That’s why you treasure the prints from your grandparents, and risk losing your current photos in the cloud.

With a digital camera, I complain about the weight when I use one that’s too heavy. But with the film cameras, I marvel at the weight of the lenses, and the quality of the glass. If you oohhh and ahh about traditional film photography, call me and I’ll show you my old cameras.

I hope that film remains alive and well for a long time. It used to be so easy to turn in your film canisters to the drugstore. Much easier than remembering to make prints from your iPhone. I hope that it becomes the future of photography.

photography coupon on everything

cover photo final-2488

Photography coupon, valid if you book by March 1, 2016 or before.

Dear Friends,

As 2015 draws to an end, I wanted to ring in the photographs of 2016 by doing lots of pro-active things. First, I’m renovating my studio, so that I’ll be able to create wonderful indoor pictures for everything from couples to moms-to-be to rock stars and actors. Second, I’m buying a cool new camera that’s supposed to be delivered today, along with a new fancy lens. Nothing excites me more professionally, than a new fancy lens. It’s like getting new eyes. And lastly, I’m offering a 20% photography coupon discount to anyone who books at 2016 photo session with me before March 1, 2016. I hope to have some wonderful studio days before then.

Oh yes! I serve mainly Northampton and the Pioneer Valley, but also love all of New England, and the New York tri-state area.

This can be for anything: children, family, maternity, musicians, artists, authors, CEOs, linked in profile pictures, dancers, boudoir, engagement, bridal you name it. I’ll even include brand storytelling, where I’ll go into your place of business and document the environment and products, and the people who work and shop/eat/drink there.

Incidentally, it hasn’t even gotten cold here in New England yet. Well, to my sister who visited from Florida for Thanksgiving, it may be cold, but to me, it’s balmy. It may not even be necessary for many people, to take indoor pictures, as it’s in the 50s these days. But for those who want studio pictures, use the photography coupon and let do this!

Today I’ll be taking pictures of a family by a creek. Delightful. In this crazy time in our world, I want to wish everyone a peaceful, joyous holiday season and a prosperous new year!




Hello!! Welcome to the wonderful world of Elizabeth Solaka Photography.

This coming year, I am booking no more than twenty weddings. I want to be able to give each wedding my all, and not be overwhelmed. I am currently interviewing couples for the 2015 season. Why? Because I always have a lot of questions about your wedding, Storyteller that I am, and I want to make sure that your wedding and my photography is a match made in Heaven. Look forward to hearing more about your wedding, and I also love answering questions.

Northampton Children photographer travels to Oakland

I’ve been a lot of things in life, photographically speaking, and Northampton Children Photographer is a title that I wear proudly. It’s a new title, as I’d been in NYC for so many years. Being here is wonderful in so many ways. The photo opportunities are great. Sometimes, however, I venture out… I went to Oakland California. I took the BART from San Francisco, and arrived very early. (I often do that because I don’t want to be late, and because I like scoping out the place ahead of time.) The family lived in a big apartment complex. I sat at their doorstep and waited.

We took a few pictures in the apartment and then frolicked to many corners of the wonderful and photogenic city. I say this tongue in cheek. There were times when people stared at my fancy lenses. I sensed that one person was loitering around me. Another person looked at my cameras and lenses. I had a strong sense that they were ‘circling’ me. I’m not paranoid. I’m from a big city and I know that these things happen. A person with fancy gear is a target. So I asked if we could move on. We headed over to a less desolate area: Lake Merritt where we ended the session. Incidentally, I think it’s always a good idea to plan photo shoots that begin in the afternoon and end after dark, for reasons illustrated below.

Hoboken Baby Photographer

The couple you see here is a bride and groom that I photographed many years ago, and now I have the honor of being their Hoboken Baby Photographer. This happens often, as the course of events go. I had just finished making their Wedding Album for them. (It was a Christmas Wedding, and she made her album look like a present, white, with a red stripe on the cover and silver writing.) most of the photos we took were indoors. I feel that when parents want photos of their babies, they automatically think that they must go outdoors. I disagree. Indoor photos are often more successful, for a few reasons. Fewer distractions, like streets and bugs. We all know how hard it is to take a baby out, with all of the gear, etc. It’s much easier to stay home. Baby feels comfortable with her own toys and things.

The baby had one of those faces with multiple expressions, one cuter than the next. I even loved the picture of Mommy and baby in the elevator. One thing I did notice about the baby, is that she loved books. Funny, I think that these traits are ones that are carried on to adulthood. I should check back in a few years to see if she’s completed the Harry Potter set.

Jersey City family photographer

Jersey City Family Photographer- Jersey City, NJ

I used to live in Jersey City, and I loved being a family photographer there. I lived in Hamilton Park, where strollers dominated the scene. This park represents all that I love about cities. We never had to make play dates, or get in a car, or sign up for team sports. Everything – friends, bikes, toys, basketball, tennis, dogs, you name it — was right there. There was even the perfect corner cafĂ©, where if you walked in with your PJs and fuzzy slippers, nobody would care. And you would see a few people who you knew always, sitting there working or talking or hanging out with their kids. Your kids school teachers would even be spotted there, as much as they wished they could remain anonymous. It is a great corner of the world. That’s what is right about cities. Anyway…

For many years, I was the photographer for the Hamilton Park Montessori School. That was the sweetest job ever. I waited for the blossoms to appear in Spring, in the park. Then the kids would dress up in matching pastels and other bright colors, and I would have them sit among the fallen blossoms, or stand holding a pruned branch, while I photographed their cuteness. I even called the school photo session, you guessed it, Blossoms.

A ginger-haired boy and his mom are pictured here. They were among the wonderful Jersey City families that I had the chance to photograph.