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mexican wedding

Mexican Wedding

Granby, MA

Sandra wanted something fun, simple colorful and beautiful.  She chose a Mexican, back yard affair at the end of May.  When I got there, everything was already in place. The tent was up? Have I told you how much I love tents? Anyway…. the beautiful colored paper flowers hung with strings of lights. The tables were set with Mexican textiles, small, vibrant bouquets, and colorful place cards. She wanted an authentic Mexican Wedding dress but her plans fell through when her etsy store shut down. Instead, she chose something remarkably similar. Gunne Sax. According to Wikipedia, The name “Gunne Sax” is often associated with its 1970s prairie, Victorian and Edwardian styled designs which drew on many elements popular in late-19th and early-20th century American fashion such as lace, gingham, and calico. The company was named after the “gunny sack” or burlap trim used on some of the earlier dresses.” It echoed the Mexican wedding dresses, and had gauzy sleeves and it felt like the dress had many layers. In short, it was elegant and very original. I love a vintage girl — most of my staged portraits are taken in models with vintage clothing — and I love even more the vintage bride.

The only challenge to this wedding was the temperature. When I began, it was so hot outside, we actually had to hurry to get some portraits done. As the day went on, it remained hot until I left. The couple managed to look good, even with flushed cheeks and shiny skin. They seemed to glow. They were so happy with friends and family, and of course each other, the heat made them look even better.

I was worried that the bride may tell me that her make up came off and that she looked too hot. But instead, when I delivered the collection, I got this:

“I could gush about Elizabeth for days! We chose her for many reasons: her generosity, flexibility, her enthusiasm, her impressive portfolio, and her ability to capture quiet, honest, spontaneous moments. She spent an unexpectedly warm May day with us, blending so perfectly into our home and family dynamic, making us feel relaxed, comfortable, and free to just enjoy ourselves. Many guests remarked at her kindness and how she quietly surrounded our day with her skillful eye. Looking at our wedding photos (which were delivered less than 10 days after the ceremony…what a gift!), my husband and I were struck by the joy that came from the photos. We laughed until we cried over the silly moments she captured and the heartfelt moments that felt so private to us at the time. She is a consummate professional, was always incredibly quick to respond to emails and questions, worked tirelessly throughout the unpredictably hot and steamy day, and made all of us feel so special. If you are looking for a photographer who will make you, your family, and guests feel at ease, who will capture moments of laughter, tears and silliness, who works with you to ensure that your photos are exactly what YOU envision, and who is so sweet that you’ll want to call her a friend, then consider using Elizabeth for your special day”

Halloween Wellers Wedding

Halloween theme wedding which took place at Weller’s* in Saline (Ann Arbor). I have to say, this is the first time I photographed a Halloween wedding. I wondered how it would work. Would it be cheeky? Cheesy? Gory? Scary? Gloria and Chris pulled it off magnificently. It was autumn-y, rich, cupcake delicious, and most of all, orange. The kids in the family loved it. The flower girl pictured below is one of my favorite flower girl photos of all time. How wonderfully eerie.  She thought of everything. Pumpkins lining the aisle outside. Lanterns. Spooky cupcakes. Spider web cake. Black and white striped witch socks underneath the dress. Orange heels. Hot apple cider. Even the guests wore orange.

Was a beautiful crisp fall day! Flowers, gorgeous flowers, by Passion Flower, Ann Arbor.

*ABOUT WELLERS (from their site):

Imagine the excitement when Henry Ford came to the small rural village of Saline to restore the dilapidated Schuyler flour mill. People thought he had totally lost his mind!! But, like all entrepreneurs, Ford had his own unique vision: to merge urban factories with rural farming through a little-known and unused crop, the soybean. To implement his wild idea, he paid over 700 farmers in the Saline area to grow soybeans. The farmers then trucked their crops here to be refined into soybean oil for the production of plastics and paints for auto manufacturing. This simple idea forever changed the face of industry and farming. In fact, soybeans are once again on the front burner as a possible source and solution for our energy problems.

Ford was drawn here because of it’s location on a river. He produced electricity by diverting the river to create a dam-millpond, and installed a waterwheel. Engineers still marvel at the beauty of Ford’s futuristic dream and he is known throughout the industrial world for his innovative use of organic products in industry..

When Carl & Iris Weller purchased this property in 1966, the buildings & property were in total disrepair. But the Ford remnants unearthed in the buildings, the 10-acre setting and the underlying natural beauty of the buildings, sparked a flame that still burns bright in them today. With the combined efforts of, Judy & Wendy Weller, and scores of hardworking friends & employees, 38-years of effort resurrected this mesmerizing page in history. Their story is a testament to American hard work and ingenuity. We thank all the people who helped along the way. Wellers’ is now on the National Register of Historic Buildings.




Gorgeous wedding flowers by Floresta!

Sometimes, flowers at weddings are so gorgeous, they deserve special attention, and these flowers by Foresta are such flowers. Justin and Dan’s wedding was located at the LIC bar, in Lonf Island City, Queens, NYC. LIC is a neighborhood that offers a beautiful view of Midtown Manhattan. The 59th Street Bridge reaches from Long Island City to Midtown, bordering on the Upper East Side.  LIC bar is a small, relaxed bar located in the heart of Long Island City. The whole neighborhood feels mellow, and unique to other districts in New York. It almost has a Jersey City vibe. The bar has a lovely back patio area, with a view of a willow tree, brick walls. Overall, a very cozy space. Justin and Dan had the libations flowing, and casual, fun fare. Their DJ played to their preferences, and ended the set with “Thank you for being a friend” The Golden Girls theme song. It was a heartwarming, arm in arm singalong.

From the boutonnieres to the tables, each arrangement had an amazing soft color scheme. These were just perfect: wildflowery, rosey, modest and flaunty at the same time. These were gentle blue hues, soft yellows, misty greens, and, well, just look at the photos. Blue mason jars worked perfectly. Thanks so much, Floresta.