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Again, thank you so much- the photos are so much better than I would have even hoped for, and our whole family loves them too. I told my mom to send me a list of just her favorites and she had 215 of them; I tried to do the same and ended up with 237! They really mean so much to us and I could not be happier. Amanda, bride

Gorgeous, tender, insightful photography …. with Elizabeth, you will, perhaps for the first time, discover how beautiful you really are. -Naomi Graychase

We could not possibly give a higher recommendation for Elizabeth. Not only is she an amazingly talented photographer, she was always professional, prompt and a pleasure to share our most special days with. No need to look any further. You’ve found your wedding photographer. -Jonathan 6/22/03

They are beautiful. You did an amazing job. I cannot get over how beautiful they are. I could not have asked for a better photographer. I love them. We both do! Thank you SO much for capturing my day in the most perfect way. I cannot thank you enough!
Love, Meredith

I got the pics. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE love love love them so much. They are so lovely and EMOTIONAL and real and funny and I just cried. I feel like they capture the day, the HEART of the day. You captured the heart of the day. -Erin Dilly

It has been a while since you covered my daughter Mary’s wedding (Pavlock/Johnson…10/30/04). Mary and Justin are now the parents of a BEAUTIFUL (grandfatherly hyperbole aside) newborn baby girl, Grace Isabella. The incredible pictures you composed for our family reflect the passion and precision of a great person, and an equally great photographer. The day was a special one…very windy…and replete with a loving spirit that a father of a bride could only pray for. Very few could have captured these moments as well as you had. Your talent was truly a Godsend. Thank you again.
–Bob Pavlock

Hi Elizabeth, this is [the father of the groom]. Just want to thank you for the magnificent job you did on my son’s wedding.The pictures were awesome. Now I can see why my son had chosen you to be his photographer.
Elizabeth that was a spectacular, outstanding job you did. I congratulate you and will without a doubt give others a great recomendation if they ever need a photographer in NYC. I want to wish you the best of luck in what you do and may God bless you and your love ones. 10/15/11

Elizabeth and her assistant, Karl, were such a wonderful addition to our wedding. From the beginning of the planning process, we felt that she really saw us as the people we are. She was able to catch so many exquisite moments on that day and every photo seems to have a life of it’s own- magic and energy in everyone’s faces. She was extremely accommodating and generous with her time- coming all the way to Brooklyn to hand deliver the photos. Many guests commented on how wonderful our photographer was (both looking at the photos and just her presence on that day.) She was professional and very reasonably priced- even correcting an oversight after the fact, which was greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Elizabeth. We were so fortunate to find her! -Djamila 12/11/08

Thank you so much for the photos. Your work is amazing. It reminds me of Mario Testino! -Nicole

I can’t wait to see the photos of Chelsea’s wedding, but I wanted to write you about what a pleasure it was getting to know you a little and what a consumate photographer you are. You worked like a dog at Dominick’s Saturday night and then during the long wedding day. I appreciated very much how you found reserves of energy to take the photo ops that came up. Your climbing the tall ladder (I later learned you used to be afraid of ladders) to get the group shot was brave. Thank you again for making the photography aspect of the wedding so easy and enjoyable.
Jan, mother of the bride

My husband and I feel very lucky to have found Elizabeth; she was the perfect person to take our wedding photos (in August 2009). Elizabeth has a really nice demeanor and got really great close ups of our wedding guests without them even noticing her. I don’t know how she manages to be so unobtrusive. She also really captures people on camera; we have a wonderful collection of photographs of our family and friends (as well as ourselves). Elizabeth is very dependable and punctual; I cannot recommend her more highly. We absolutely love our wedding photos! -Karla 8/22/09

Elizabeth was easy to work with and very responsive throughout the entire wedding planning process. Going into our wedding day, we had no doubt that we would get the shots we wanted and capture our special day. Elizabeth really excels at the candid shots, catching emotion in its rawest form. We had so much fun reliving our wedding day through her pictures and would recommend her to any couple. -Corinne 10/6/11

If you are looking for a professional and “easy to work with” photographer, make sure to contact Elizabeth Solaka. She has the patience of an angel and is VERY professional. I just had a chance to look at my wedding photos and I have to say that she did an AMAZING job. She’s especially good at capturing the candid shots, which might be my favorites. I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer!! -Carlos 10/15/11

Elizabeth was the most amazing photographer I could have asked for! I came across her randomly on this website and she was the first and only photographer I met with. I could not have been happier with the photos from my wedding – for someone who is usually completely unphotogenic, Elizabeth captured how beautiful I felt.
I was also thrilled that she managed to take such unique and non-“cookie cutter” photos. She would take our picture in unlikely places in New York where I couldn’t envision how the picture would turn out, but they were amazing. She has such a good eye for how to make a wedding picture both beautiful and also interesting.
Finally, I have to say how genuine and sweet Elizabeth was – I only spoke with her a few times before my wedding but I felt like she truly cared about making my pictures special and she felt like a friend by the time the day was over. Wedding pictures can be a little funny if you aren’t used to being photographer, but she made sure to quickly put me at ease so I could look my best.
Highly recommend! -Lauren 8/4/11

As an English girl getting married in NYC finding vendors for my wedding was quite daunting, but I saw Elizabeth’s art work and completely fell in love with it. She didn’t let me down. Her photos were beautiful. We worked together to make sure we got just the right feel to the day. The photos are stunning. I would highly recommend Elizabeth. -Nikki 5/25/10

Elizabeth is a wonderful photographer with amazing professional skills. Her knowledge in the field enabled her to capture perfect pictures of us and the moments of our wedding day,we found her through our friends and we were assured our choice was right. She came very early on the venue, managed to do all the chores so there was nothing we had to worry about. The photographing session was enjoyable and we felt never bored. The photos came out very romantic and whenever my friends looked at it, they would glow with wonder and surprises. -William 3/21/10

We highly recommend Elizabeth Solaka; she fully understood the type of pictures we wanted and was at the same time discreet and present at all times. She not only captured moments of emotions between my husband and I, but also took amazing pictures of our guests. -Laura 5/21/09

I have utilized Elizabeth’s services personally (headshots) and professionally (I work for an advertising agency). What makes Elizabeth’s photography so wonderful is her ability to truly capture the essence and personality of her subjects. If I were getting married, I could not imagine hiring anyone else but Elizabeth. She’s just that good. I’ve worked with many photographers throughout my 20 years in the ad business and Elizabeth is by far the most talented photographer I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She’s professional – an absolute joy to work with – a true collaborator. Katherine 10/30/08

Elizabeth was the last photographer that I interviewed. As soon as I met her and viewed her book, there was no doubt in my mind that she was the one. She captured the day exactly the way I had asked. I did not want a lot of posed shots. Our wedding was small and I wanted her photos to tell the story of our marriage and family celebration. I could not have been happier with the outcome. I look at the photos and they take me back to that day.
To give you an idea of her character and commitment. She personally flew to Michigan to photograph our wedding. I wish Elizabeth lived in Michigan as she would be my first choice for photos of my children and of our family as we grow older. I would not hesitate to refer her to a friend. -Beth 11/5/08

Elizabeth was a pleasure to work with. She is extremely talented. That coupled with her kindness made her great to work with. She was on time, took wonderful pictures and was great with the guests. The portrait shots she took are amazing. -Neha 9/9/07

Elizabeth was referred to us through a friend, and we could not have been more pleased with both her professionalism and good cheer while working the wedding itself, and the quality of her work and follow-thru – looking thru proofs, ordering prints, etc. – afterwards. -Mark 12/10/08

My husband and I were married over five years ago. I still LOVE looking at our wedding photos.
We had a Christmas wedding, so there weren’t opportunities for outdoor shots, but Elizabeth did a fantastic job of taking gorgeous indoor shots.
My favorite thing about her was that she followed us throughout the day, capturing the day, without distracting us from enjoying ourselves. I really didn’t want to spend my wedding day talking to a photographer and posing for photos, and she truly respected that wish. My only regret is that I didn’t let her take more posed shots of just the two of us. She was so kind, fun, and friendly.
-Kate 12/27/03

Elizabeth photographed my Wedding in 2003
A caveat: I hate being photographed, and tend to make strange faces when I even see a camera. I have a bad habit twisting my face up in a strange way when I see a camera.
My wedding photos look like magazine photos, Elizabeth Solaka is an extremely talented Professional photographer. I loved my photos so much that I had her do family portraits- which were also fantastic.
The volume of wonderful candid photos was incredible, and she let me keep the negatives. Elizabeth has the special gift of taking photographs of folks in tender moments without their knowledge, in fact there were so many lovely moments I wondered if she had a lovely moment meeter that told her when and where something touching was happening. When people do notice her at work, she has an incredible way of putting people at ease, she just knows how to make people look great on film.
What was unexpected was that I looked amazing an so pretty in the photographs, both in the staged photos and the candids. This is where experience counts, she is intuitive and she had my number, and she hit the shutter when I was looking like my happy relaxed self, no faces.
I was happy to have someone outwit my natural inclination to give the camera the stink-eye!
If Elizabeth is avaliable, you will be lucky to have her photograph your wedding, everyone who looks at my wedding book comments on the amazing photography.
She has over 10 years of experience , and loads of talent and intuition.
Top Marks! -Shannon 9/6/03

The wedding day was a beautiful but windy autumn day in Michigan. I wasn’t sure if we would have to forego the outside shots even though the sky was gorgeous. Elizabeth found ways to capitalize on the beautiful, natural lighting and landscape and even inlcuded some whimsical shots of the bridal veil caught in the breeze. Nothing was lost on her keen eye. The sun streaming through gorgeous stained glass church windows, affectionate looks between loved ones, little boys waiting patiently in the church pew, the very proud father of the bride, the nervous groom, the bridal bouquet that had been casually set on a chair to free the bride for hugs and kisses, the stunning atrium of the Royal Park Hotel. It was all captured and the photos are stunning! And yet the photography seemed so unobtrusive. Elizabeth was extremely generous with her time and talent and we are forever grateful. Her approach to wedding photography as art is evident in these photos. -Theresa 11/6/04

Elizabeth, Thank you for sharing in our special day. Your beautiful photographs captured the essence of the day an we are thrilled! We wanted a more photojournalistic spin to our event instead of fixed-firm posed shots…we love the paparazzi shots! -Deirdre 8/29/08

We were thrilled with our photos. I would recommend Elizabeth to any friend getting married. -Fabiana 7/14/03

I would like to thank you for taking such beautiful pictures of my daughter and son-in-law’s wedding day. You certainily made it memorable for all of us. The pictures were so “normal” and not “posed” that they were just what Melissa was looking for. You do great work. -Mother of the Bride 2008

We were extremely happy with your work and personality. You were totally unobtrusive and seemed to sneak up on people like a mouse and get some wonderful photos of people in a very natural and happy setting. You were definitely one of the best things about our wedding.
Thanks again,

My husband and I used Elizabeth Solaka for our destination wedding held in Joshua Tree National Park two years and she was INCREDIBLE. As a person, she is amazingly easy to have around– she is kind, patient, empathetic, and supportive– everything that you might want when you are stressed out and trying to plan a wedding and make sure that it goes smoothly. During the ceremony, she was amazing at taking very close up pictures without seeming to be overly present and she also moved around alot and took a wide range of very interesting photos– photos that perhaps you might not think you would want but later when you look at them, you realize how special they are. Elizabeth had amazing ideas for family portraits and formally and informally posed shots before the ceremony and afterwards. She also had fabulous artsy ideas that she put out there and we chose to take her up on them and they worked beautifully– very innotivative landscape shots. And then, during our reception, she did a beautiful job getting both candid and posed shots. Because she is so pleasant, fun, and easy to work with, people actually LIKE having their pictures taken by her– and that is definitely something to think about! Afterwards, she had everything developed and prepared super quickly and was really easy to coordinate with. Our moms were happy too! And her prices are more than reasonable. Make no mistake– this is a serious, classy, and creative photographer– and she is fun to work with!

Elizabeth: the photos were WONDERFUL…..finding you was a Godsend !!!! We’re still in the “oooh-ing and aaaah-ing stage” MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Mary

Dear Elizabeth, I want to thank you for your participation in the wedding of my Step-daughter Julie. Your professionalism, grace, beauty and sense of humor drive me to seek your Blog daily. Your choice of Grandma’s & Bride picture has blessed many homes in Texas & Oklahoma. We all thank you for including the pictures and comments made on the 29th, too. Do not know how Ms. Julie picked you as her photographer of such an event, but I suspect it was a Supreme Being involvement. Many of us have given thanks to Him for having you in our lives that wonderful evening.
May God continue to Bless your work and the many lives you touch.
The Step-Father

From the mother of the bride, after delivering a wedding album to her:
Elizabeth: I just got the book and it is absolutely beautiful. You did a wonderful job and I cannot wait to give it to the kids. I know Melissa will be totally surprised when she opens it. I cannot thank you enough.

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