Elizabeth Solaka Photography

Hi, I’m Elizabeth. If you love my photos, and I hope you do, I’d like to talk to you about your event or project. We can work out the money part later.

When we talk, I’ll ask a lot of questions because I want to know about details of your wedding, etc. so I can best tell the story through pictures. I specialize in candid photography. Posed pictures are nice, but my clients’ favorites are the ones they don’t even notice I’m taking at the time. I have a lot of affection for the people I work with and the feeling is usually mutual.

Some people like to know about me. I was born in the city of Detroit, and lived in the Northeast pretty much all my adult life. I have two adorable boys. I seem to spend a lot of time in the kitchen — I am really good at making quiches and salads. Besides being a scorekeeper for a men’s softball league in high school and a few other odd jobs, I’ve pretty much only been a full-timeĀ  photographer. I walk about 6 miles per day, just running errands. I rarely drive. Of all the years of my life, I’ve only lived in a house for 2 of them. I froze. There were mice. I’m an apartment person. Like most people, I do about three things at once, which reminds me, time to get the little one to bed. Talk to you soon. : ) I seem to miss phone calls, so feel free to text also.

PS For more formal info on my experience, see the about page.


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